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Gujarati Tiffin – @ £7.00 (minimum order 4) ​

A Gujarati thali meal comprising of ​​two vegetable curries, dhal, rice ~ served with chappattis (rotis) / pooris

Punjabi Tiffin @ £8.00 (minimum order 4)​

A Punjabi thali meal comprising of vegetable curry, chickpea c​urr​​​y, dhal, jeera rice ~ served with bhatura

Deluxe Tiffin – @ £9.00 (minimum order 4)​​

A Deluxe thali meal comprising of a farsan, three vegetable curries, dh​al & rice ~ served with chappattis (rotis) / pooris

Delivery charges not included 


Please speak to us about the ingredients in your meal, when making your order
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